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Pneumatic Control Products

Our Proportional Valves offer wide range of flow performance for varying projects. Our Proportional Control Valves offer highly accurate, low-hysteresis flow control characteristics. 

We offer two distinct Electronic Precision Pressure Regulators for high and low flow pressure control applications, as well as a Relief Valve for high volume relief flow for precise chamber pressure control.

Our Mass Flow Controllers output precise volumetric or mass flow rates for a variety of gases, from very low flow (10 cc/min) to high flow (300 lpm) rates.

The Precision Pressure Regulator’s unique, dual proportional valve design eliminates bleed to atmosphere, and offers true zero pressure output when deactivated.

The Pressure Compensating Valve dynamically compensates for varying inlet pressures, while still maintaining consistent, proportional output flow characteristics.

Kelly Pneumatics offers a low volume flow On/Off Solenoid Valve utilizing our unique proportional valve design. This non-spool valve architecture employs one moving part, ensuring virtually friction-less proportional control and longevity tested over 100 million cycles.

Pneumatic Meters and Sensors

The Digital Mass Flow Meter accurately measures and displays mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate, gas temperature, atmospheric pressure and gas pressure, for both Air and Oxygen.

Gas Flow Sensors for high volume flow rates of Air and Oxygen. Outputs accurate readings of mass flow and temperature via I2C digital communication or an analog voltage.

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