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Analog Gas Flow Sensor




  • High Accuracy of +-2% of reading (or 0.05 SLPM)
  • Linearized Analog Output
  • Temperature Compensating
  • Microcontroller Design for Customization

Kelly Pneumatics, Inc. offers a Gas Flow Sensor for high volume flow rates of Air and Oxygen. The sensor automatically compensates for temperature changes in the measured gas and outputs accurate readings of mass flow and temperature via analog voltage.

The Gas Flow Sensor outputs flow for Air and Oxygen from 0-300 SLPM, with an accuracy of 2% of reading, and offers a flow sample response time of 2 milliseconds. An internal microprocessor measures signals from an internal thermistor and hot wire anemometer to linearize flow measurements, and allows for numerous settings for flow and temperature output readings. The compact, lightweight design is perfect for OEM applications, especially medical, semiconductor, and gas analyzer products.


Supported Media Air and Oxygen
Flow Range 0 to 300 SLPM
Flow Accuracy 2% of reading or 0.05 SLPM, whichever is greater, at 70 °F and 14.7 psia
Flow Sample Rate 2 milliseconds
Temperature Measurement Range 0 to 50 °C (0 to 122 °F)
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±1 °C (±1.8 °F) at flows >1 SLPM
Maximum Allowable Atm. Pressure 400 kPa (58.0 psia)
Port Sizes 19 MM Male (Standard), 3/8″ Female NPT (with adapter block/bracket)
Power Requirements 5 volts (0.785 Watts Max Power Consumption at 300 SLPM)
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 °C (0 to 122 °F)

Pin Layout (Analog Output Version)

GasFlowSensorAnalogPinout2 (1)

Pin Number15689
FunctionAnalog Output SignalI2C ClockI2C DataSupply VoltageGround


(All Dimensions in Inches)


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