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Midsize Solenoid Valve


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The following unit is available for purchase online. If you need another version, please create a part number and request a quote.

Port Type: 1/4″ NPT

Voltage:  10 volts

Input Pressure: 100 psig

Seal Type: Viton

Flow Rate:  200 lpm  

Part Number:  KPIMO-VP-10-A0-128-V

Price: $99.00

Kelly Pneumatics, Inc. offers a high volume flow Midsize On/Off Solenoid Valve. This non-spool valve architecture employing one moving part ensures virtually frictionless performance and longevity tested at over 100 million cycles. This simplicity in design also assures relative ease when implementing maintenance or cleaning. We also offer alternate versions that are resistant to both high and low temperatures, therefore performing consistently in many different environments. Available in both 2-way and 3-way versions, this valve can efficiently process Water, Air, Oil, and Hydrogen.

Similar Part Numbers

Due to current limitations to global supply chains, we are producing solenoid valves to meet the performance of various manufacturers’ valves. Please contact our sales team to provide a quote for an equivalent valve based on the following part numbers.

04F25C2122C3F4C75 DT-2C-24 SC8256B045V
20CC02EV4C4A DT-2C-24-L U8256B045V
3121BBN1GN00N0M1S1C2 DT-2M-12 U8256B045V
71215SN1MN00N0H8GLP3 DT-2M-12-L V50P4D3A-XP0900
71215SN21N00N0C111B2 DV-2C-24 V50P4DDA-XP0200
7321KBN2RN00N0D300C2 DV-2C-24-L V51R4D7A-XP0900
8262H001 DV-2M-12-L V51R4DDA-XP0200
8262H014 DV-2M-24 V52S4D7A-XP0900
DT-2C-12 EF8262H014 V52S4DDA-XP0200
DT-2C-12-L SC8256B045V V53T4DDA-XP0200


Valve Function 2-Way, Normally Closed
Electrical Connection Flying Wire Leads
Working Pressure -14.7 to 100 psig (6.8 bar) (standard)
500 psig (custom)
Flow Range 0-300 liters per minute of air flow
Orifice Size .040, .060, .090, .125, or .156 inches
Activating Voltage 10 or 20 VDC
Response Time 10 – 15 ms
Port Types 1/4″ NPT or Manifold Mount
Seal Material Buna-N, Viton, or EPDM
Operating Temp. -40° to 200°F (-40° to 93°C)
Leak Rate Bubble Tight Seal
Type of Operation Direct solenoid
Filtration 40 Micron Recommended
Weight 1.0 lb
Wetted Materials Cold rolled stainless steel w/ electroless
nickel plating, brass and 304 stainless steel.
Power 5.2 watts (max)



More From This Product Line

Max Flow Rate:32 LPM

Max Flow Rate:300 LPM

Not Sure Which Solenoid Valve You Need? Please Tell Us About Your Application. We'll Help You Select the Perfect Valve For Your Project.

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