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Medical Applications

Medical Products

At Kelly Pneumatics, we offer a variety of pneumatic control devices expertly calibrated to the high accuracy requirements of medical products. Our digital flow meters, pressure regulators, and proportional valves are all designed to provide precise control and monitoring of gas flow in medical components and devices.

Our proportional valves are perfect for applications where precise control of specific gases is required for delivery to a patient, such as anesthesia machines and ventilators. Our regulators can control pressure for flow cytometry and IV bag pressure validation. We also offer flow meters and sensors for sensing medical-grade gases for OEM use in leading medical industry devices.



Anesthesia Machines

The anesthesia machine is a vital piece of equipment in any operating room. Its function is to deliver a controlled mix of gases to the patient, and it accomplishes this by regulating pressure and flow. The pressure regulator ensures that the gas pressure remains constant, while the flow meter controls the flow of gas. The anesthesia machine is a complex piece of equipment, but it plays a vital role in ensuring that patients receive the care they need during surgery.

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