Pressure and Flow Control Solutions

Since 2004, Kelly Pneumatics has designed and manufactured highly accurate proportional valves, pressure regulators, and pneumatic control products. We have worked with thousands of businesses to produce highly customized parts for numerous industries, including medical, alternative energy, test equipment, semiconductor equipment and gas analyzers. 

Flow Control

Our Proportional Valves and Mass Flow Controllers offer excellent proportional flow performance using original, patented technology.

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Pressure Regulation

By utilizing our proportional valve technology, the Precision Electronic Pressure Regulators offer superior resolution and repeatability.

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Flow & Pressure Measurement

Measure and Display Mass and Volumetric Flow Rates, Temperature, Atmosphere and Gas Pressure.

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Custom Pneumatic Solutions

We specialize in collaborating with engineers to quickly create prototypes and customized pneumatic valves, regulators, and control products for the most demanding applications. Let us utilize our decades of combined engineering experience to create the perfect pneumatic control product for you.


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    Featured Products

    • Electronic Pressure Regulator

      Electronic Pressure Regulator

      By incorporating patented technology, Kelly Pneumatics electronic pressure regulators provide exceptional closed-loop, proportional control over output pressure. Fast response, coupled with high resolution, repeatability and excellent linearity ensure the stability needed by processes that are sensitive to pressure variation.

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    • Mass Flow Controller

      Mass Flow Controller

      Kelly Pneumatics, Inc. offers a reduced cost, single-valve design Mass Flow Controllers with PID control circuitry. Using either an externally supplied dynamic/static input signal or an onboard adjustable set-point value, these products provide exceptional closed-loop, proportional, output flow control characteristics. By utilizing patented proportional valve technology, our Mass Flow Controllers perform with excellent resolution and repeatability.

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    • Digital Mass Flow Meter

      Digital Mass Flow Meter

      The Digital Mass Flow Meter accurately measures and displays mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate, gas temperature, atmospheric pressure and gas pressure, for both Air and Oxygen. Unlike most flowmeters, the Digital Mass Flow Meter has a touch screen interface, offering immediate customization in seconds.

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    • Regulated Proportional Valve

      Regulated Proportional Valve

      This valve dynamically compensates for varying inlet pressures, while still maintaining consistent output flow characteristics. Effective in applications with either fluctuating or oscillating control pressures, the Pressure Compensating Proportional Valve can maintain flow rates with input pressures reaching 250 PSIG.

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