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Mass Flow Controllers & Carbonated Beverage Manufacturing

The Kelly Pneumatics Mass Flow Controller makes it simple and easy to control CO2 gas mass flow accurately and easily. Using this controller, CO2 gas mass flow is controlled smoothly, accurately, and repeatedly. The gas mass flow of a tank can be controlled efficiently regardless of what happens with the temperature and pressure.

Our mass flow controller can be incorporated into a control system that accurately sets the mass flow rate into the chamber requiring an exact amount of carbonation. This control system sets the desired mass flow rate with a simple analog control signal, such as 0-5 volts, which will apply the required mass of CO2. This allows breweries to vary the delivery of CO2 dynamically for various types of beverages.

The Kelly Mass Flow Controllers can also deliver an analog feedback signal of the current flow rate. This feedback signal is an analog voltage representing the current flow rate recorded by an internal mass flow transducer. This analog signal can be recorded by the control system, meaning that very accurate records of CO2 volume can be recorded throughout the carbonating process. This ensures that the beverage chamber is receiving the correct amount of volume of CO2.

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